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Tank Container(JJMES)

ISO Tank Containers are designed under IMO and ISO standards to meet the requirements of business that need to transport or store liquid chemicals and dangerous cargo.

Tank containers are used for liquid cargoes, such as petrochemicals, medical drugs, fruit juices, spirits, sweet oils, hazardous materials, fuels and toxic substances etc.

Various components such as valves, safety accessories, heating and cooling components, insulation sleeves and footpath ladders can be configured according to different properties of materials so as to store and transport different chemicals.

Benefit of our ISO Tank

Safety: Suitable for most dangerous cargos, as approved by ISO standards.

Stability: Stable and resistant against corrosion, as built according to SUS316L

Economy: Able to load large volumes of cargo in short times with less man power.

Eco-friendly: Less leaking, less remains after discharging

Speed: Speedy movement in ports and terminals

Advantage of our services [Tank Container]
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    Offer total solution : Selling, Leasing, Buying

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    Stable and highly controlled inventory in Asia , Southeast Asia and India.

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    Continued supply

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    Own brand new and used ISO tank containers.

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    Provide high-quality logistics and shipping services; support international business with collaborative global network

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    Cover more than 30+ places to do short-term leasing ISO tank container in China.

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    Flexible cooperation model :

    Shot-term leasing ≥ 1 Day, Long-term leasing Small quantity

    leasing ≥ 1 Unit, Large quantity

    One way leasing

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    Competitive price for the storage charge

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    Different kinds of ISO tank containers


T50-Liquefied GAS, T75-Cryogenic GAS

Capacity range: 20,000-24,800 liters

For Liquefied Gases (Ex. Refrigerants, Ammonia, LPG and Propane, Aerosol Propellants, Pharmaceutical)

Working pressures from 7 up to 34.4 bar

The shipping containers' parameters are for reference only. Actual measurements and other specification details may check with our sales.

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