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20RF Reefer Container 40HCRF Reefer Container

Refrigerated container are used for goods which need to be transported at a constant temperature above or below freezing point.

A distinction may be drawn between two different systems.Integral type of refrigerated container has an integral refrigeration unit for controlling the temperature inside the container.Porthole type of container is often referred to not as a refrigerated container but as an insulated container, as it has no integral refrigeration unit.

When being transported by ship, integral units have to be connected to the on-board power supply system. The exterior of container is made of STEEL,STAINLESS STEEL,ALUMINUM.

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Please note

The shipping containers' parameters are only for reference.

Actual measurements and other specification details may check with our sales.

Inside Cubic Capacity (CU.M):28

Maximum Gross Weight (KG):30,480

Tare Weight -including machinery (KG): 2,900

Maximum Payload (KG): 27,580

Allowable Stacking Weight (1.8G): 216,000

Main Circuit: AC 440, 460V/380, 400, 415 ; 60/50HZ; 3 Phase

External Dimensions Length 20' 6.058 m
Width 8' 2.438 m
Height 8' 6" 2.591 m
Internal Dimensions Length 18' 5.480 m
Width 7' 5" 2.286 m
Height 7' 33"
2.235 m

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