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Careers info

As an international maritime equipment enterprise, we have a global sales network and cover major ports and land locked countries.

Our general headquarter is located in Seoul, Korea. Our operational headquarter is located in Shanghai, China. We set up the regional offices in main port cities all over the world.

America /Africa /China/ Central Asia /Europe /India/Japan/ Middle East /Russia /South Korea /Southeast Asia


1.Full of enthusiastic, challenging, creative and positive
2.People who are more assertive when encountering things, and often put forward constructive opinions, are also very happy to share their inner thoughts with others
3.Respect leaders and care for colleagues
4.Be adaptable and calm
5. People who are willing to challenge difficulties and assume various responsibilities
6. Be cheerful and optimistic, treat others with kindness
7. In the era of globalization, keep pace with the times and keep learning
8. Have a team spirit and put the honor of the team at first
9. Do each project well
10. Cherish your work time, every minute and second should be used for work, do not waste precious time

We will continue to excavate and cultivate the potential of our member.
We don’t just provide jobs. We provide you with an opportunity for your development and help you have a satisfying career!
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